Custom mouthguards for sports

custom mouthguard sports grimsby and cleethorpes

Just as sport is a form of expression, so are your teeth. Look great, be safe and perform with custom mouthguards from The Dental Lab.

Impact to the face is a reality in sport. Being prepared for anything and everything is therefore a must.

After all, a blow to the face can fracture teeth and, in some cases, triggers more serious trauma such as concussions, jaw and gum damage.

That’s why our mouthguards are the safe refuge of both children and adults who play contact sport such as rugby, boxing, football, ice hockey, hockey, basketball and lacrosse. Many people also wear our mouthguards for non-contact sports and to help prevent teeth grinding.

Mouthguards made for your mouth

Your mouth is unique. You therefore need a unique mouthguard to protect it. Our custom made mouthguards fit your teeth like a hand in a boxer’s glove.

Comfort means you can focus on the task at hand whilst your custom design will impress teammates and intimidate opponents.

The Dental Lab’s winning mouthguard designs, include:

  • A wide range of colours to reflect your mood
  • Multicoloured striped mouthguards
  • Special custom designs to give you that one in a million performance
  • Glitter guards to make your teeth sparkle
  • Fun guards for those who like to have fun

Mouthguard decals: make an impression

Sport is as psychological as it is physical. So if you really want to get a competitive-edge and cause jaws to drop, make an impression with one of our mouthguard decals.

Got a club emblem? A Logo? A love for tigers? Whatever your fancy, we’ll transfer it on to your custom made mouthguard.

And get this: if you want to be truly unique, The Dental Lab works with a team of graphic designers who can make what you want and how you want it.

Be safe, be you.

All mouth? Take action

Looking for a custom mouthguard? Great. Make contact with The Dental Lab and we’ll be happy to help.

Telephone: 01472 317657

Mobile:: 077320 88771


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