Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

dental technician

The job that ended in tears – tears of joy.

Job description: Anterior 4 unit Zirconia bridge
Patient gender: Male
Contextual: The patient, whose existing bridge was aesthetically and functionally impaired, changed dentists in a bid to find a long sought after solution. St Peter’s Avenue Dental Practice in Cleethorpes welcomed the patient, his new dentist Miss Rachael Sullivan drafting in dental tech support from The Dental Lab.
Diagnosis: The patient’s bridge was was too long and narrow. This, in turn, massively affected his day-to-day life, appearance, confidence and self-esteem.
Prognosis: The target was set to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the anterior teeth. The end result? To ensure the patient looks better, feels better and enjoys a better quality of daily life. The patient’s existing teeth and bite were far from perfect. To achieve a natural look we’d therefore need to embrace aesthetic imperfection to achieve dental perfection.
Project set-up process:

  • We diagnosed in wax so the patient could transparently see what we intended to do to improve his anterior teeth
  • Happy, the patient agreed on the artwork
  • Time to move ahead with the challenge

Overview 1: teeth preparation

Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

Miss Sullivan took the impression and, in doing so, shortened the pontics. With the impression now in the hands of The Dental Lab, we:

  • Sectioned the model, preparing it to be milled with Zirconia coping
  • Built up the bridge with e.max ceram
  • Trimmed the bridge
  • Glazed and stained the bridge

Overview 2: finished fixed prosthesis

Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

Specification of finished prosthesis:

  • The bridge is forged in e.max ceram dentin and enamel
  • Given that the patient has imperfect teeth and difficult bite, a natural look is achieved by aesthetically designing the teeth to match his actual image
  • To match the shade of the anterior teeth the magic ingredients of e.max ceram dentin and enamel were conjured up. This, coupled with some hint of staining, enabled us to achieve perfection through imperfection.

Overview 3: the final fitting and moment of truth

Ms Sullivan requested the presence of The Dental Lab to attend and oversee the final fitting.

The contact points on the patient’s old bridge were substandard. On his new bridge, the contact points were crafted to perfection, meaning the bridge fitted first time. As such, no adjustments were needed.

Before cementing the bridge, Miss Sullivan asked the patient to view it in the mirror. Upon first glance he was overcome with emotion, tears of joy signalling this was another job well done.

Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

Dental technician case study: building a Zirconia bridge

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